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What is a healing?

Healing provides balance in yourself in the broadest sense of the word. It is about finding balance in both body, mind and soul. A person is a multi-dimensional being and a healer also acts on this principle. Our physical body is in fact carried by an energy field. This energy field has different dimensions and energy frequencies with all kinds of information about our body, mind and soul.

Disturbances and blockages can occur in the human body. For example, a person can only become physically active when emotional blockages are removed. If the energy cannot flow freely, you are less comfortable and you may even get sick.
Each energy disturbance has its own story: unprocessed emotions and experiences, stuck patterns or ideas, accumulated stress. This imbalance in your energy field can be resolved by opening ourselves up to Universal healing. A healer is, as it were, a 'conduit'. Positive energy is transferred from the healer to the client.

With spiritual healing you can think for example of processing a trauma and coping with it, or learning to live with your high sensitivity, balancing disturbed energy in the body and the mind. With spiritual healing you start from the Universal life energy. Everything consists of energy and everything is connected to each other. If there are disruptions in the flow, transmission or reception of that energy, psychological complaints can arise that eventually lead to physical problems.

A healing can help, because the blockages are lifted by certain actions. Balancing the chakras and disrupted energy flows are brought back into balance.

As a medium, I look for the energy in the client and can thus visualize where the complaints come from. This is often referred to as a reading. The actual therapy that follows is the healing. Healing psychosomatic complaints with the help of Universal energy, that is actually what a healing is. The nice thing about a reading (preliminary research) is that you can also start with the complaints yourself. The energy goes to the place where it is most needed at that moment. A healing can often give a person with an 'inexplicable' problem just that little push in the right direction.