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Magical Boost Tarot (Magical Charmes)

In addition to my gifts and strength that I have as a healer, I also work with my ''magical objects ''. What does that mean? I then work with various card decks, my magical objects, a singing bowl and a plate. First I take my card deck there. Sometimes it can be about love (when do I get a love in my path or does that one person come back into my life) and other times it can be about where are my blocks? In all areas where you get stuck, I can work with the "Magical Boost Tarot" to see where the problem is or I answer your questions with these beautiful objects.

Through the "boost" I can generate the highest achievable energy from the Universe in collaboration with my loving guides. I use this in advance before I enter the consultation. So I can get through specific, detailed observations through my guides along with this beautiful, wonderful energy.

When I tune in to your energy I take my magical objects. I then let my hands lead through the singing bowl containing all these objects and I take a hand out of it.

The magical objects of no less than 150 pieces can be a mouse, skull stone, ladder, broom, mirror, lucky coins, bird cage, spider etc. Each object has a meaning. And together with my guides I dissect every object into a beautiful and powerful reading. Be surprised what the objects want to tell you. You can think of, among other things, making contact with your dear ones in heaven, giving insights or there is an obstacle on your path, spiritual development, blockades, opening third eye, finding work, love, finances. All questions can be asked, except health. That's what the doctors are for. Energetically I can look as a powerful healer where you get stuck on physically and how can I help you with that by giving a healing.