Bekend van tv! 

What is a reading, what can you expect?

A reading consists of reading the aura (layers) and separate chakras in which energy flows and images emerge. Sometimes the aura and all chakras are discussed in a reading, but usually it quickly becomes clear which chakras need the most attention at the moment. Thinking about blockades or what you get stuck in life. I will focus on that if necessary. In a reading, I look at both the so-called 'well-flowing areas' and the 'less-flowing areas'. Where it flows even less I will see what it takes to set the energy in motion.

When giving a reading I use my spiritual guides.

The good news is that in order to receive a reading, you don't have to "believe in," or in some way "open yourself up" to a reading and its assumptions and principles. As said, a reading speaks to your higher consciousness and it has no doubts or skepticism at all. It does not matter for the quality of a reading - and for the person who gives a reading - whether or not you 'believe' in the healing, inspiring power of readings.

However, it is important that you would like a reading yourself, or at least be very curious about it. In any case, never reluctantly take a reading just because someone else has said it will be good for you or to please someone else. A reading is always a gift to yourself !!