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My name is Rachel Minning living in the Netherlands.

I am 42 years old and of Indian origin.
I was 17 when my life turned upside down.
My mother, only 38, fell down the stairs.
In the middle of the night, it sounded like four blow tires. I went to her bedroom but couldn't find her anywhere. Until I heard a strange noise at the bottom of the stairs. There she lay down the stairs and 24 hours later my mother was clinically dead.
I already sensed that she would die, but everyone thought I was thinking too negative. It was weird that in the month before that fall, my mother kept talking about death, out of the blue. Apparently, she knew she was going to die quickly. She also had a gift but she didn't want to know about it. I have a feeling that that gift has passed over to me in the hospital. Without being able to say goodbye to my dear mother, unfortunately one day after the fall, as a young girl you do not sit in the cold clothes.

After her death, I was completely trapped in my own body and mind for years by this intense experience.

But years later I became more and more in balance with my body and mind through many heavy life lessons. Which also showed my gift more and more and I could already make a connection through someone's voice.
Now that I am really in balance, I notice that my gift and my healings are getting stronger and stronger. Really very special to be able to experience this. I want to keep my
feet on the ground and not floaty. Let me say that I get a continuous flow of information from a recurring voice in my head. That sounds monotonous and without empathy. I find that too blurry and sometimes scary. It goes without saying that I pass on everything I hear through that voice. As if my voice is taken over. I can even feel the other person's grief, pains, palpitations or the powerlessness of the other person I am in contact with or even when I walk on the street. Fortunately, I know that it pulls away from me, it is not my feelings or pains but someone else's. That I feel them temporarily is part of it and now knows how to find my way around it. I will not have received my gift for nothing and I believe that you will not be given more from above than you can handle.
I also see images. I see that as a gift and can therefore warn or help people.

Whether someone sits opposite me, I only hear a voice, get a photo or just typed words it doesn't matter. Some people prefer to let their voice be heard or come to my practice in Weert in the Netherlands. I feel everything about everyone. Whether people are restless, sad or cheerful. I cannot shut myself down for that and I do not want to, because I fear that the channels will then be closed forever.

Besides giving readings about relationship, work, finances, opening a third eye, spiritual development, give a Reading by the Magical charmes as a 'human helper' I can also heal people in the field of fears, emotional blocks, traumatic experiences, spiritual developments, energetic physical pains and much more. With my hands I can energetically heal the other and I am very grateful for that I have that. I hope I can help a lot of people.
I don't use attachments like cards, but I get everything through my guides. In addition to my gift as a clairvoyant and clear-feeling medium, I also specialize in removing blockages, clearing houses, opening the third eye and I receive messages from your loved ones in heaven.

I am also a very proud mother of a sweet son of 18 years old. I taught Tristan early on that anything he feels or thinks he can say to me. But when he said in my face 2 years ago that he thought I was weird because I could talk to dead people, for example, it hurt a bit. Still, something remarkable happened a while back. He had a thick lump in his neck, caused by a swelling of his tongue. He was already on the list for surgery, but I decided to heal him. What do you think? The growth went away. The doctors didn't understand but I kept my mouth shut. Six months later, the swelling had returned and Tristan asked if I would help him again. I did that and a few hours after the healings Tristan arrived with a stone in his hands and called mommy mommy mommy look ……. This limestone was first encapsulated in the wattle of his tongue but came loose and that solved the problem. Since then Tristan says: I never doubt you again, you are a wizard mom!!

If you experience 1 or more problems that hinder you in life, you have questions about the future, you would like to receive a healing or if you have other questions, you can reach me at telephone number 01131653925692, by Messenger or e-mail address and you can ask what the costs are for a reading?

Stop walking around with that nasty feeling, keep turning in circles or feel unhappy.

I am here for you.

I love to help you with all the love and strength in me. Because giving up is really not necessary. I know all about that. There is something positive out of every bad experience and you can learn something that will help you on your way. I would like to help you with that ❤️

I wish you love, light and strength 🤍🤍

With kind regards,

Medium Rachel

YouTube; mediumrachel